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How To Inject Steroids (for how to inject Growth Hormone and HCG see below)

All oil based and water based anabolic steroids should be taken intramuscularly. This means the shot must penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue to enter the muscle itself. Intramuscular injections are used when prompt absorption is desired, when larger doses are needed than can be given cutaneously or when a drug is too irritating to be given subcutaneously. The common sites for in tramuscular injectons include the buttock, lateral side of the thigh, and the deltoid region of the arm. Muscles in these areas, especially the gluteal muscles in the buttock, are fairly thick. Because of the large number of muscle fibers and extensive fascia, (fascia is a type of connective tissue that surrounds and separates muscles) the drug has a large surface area for absorption. Absorption is further promoted by the extensive blood supply to muscles. Ideally, intramuscular injections should be given deep within the muscle and away from major nerves and blood vessels.

The best site for steroid injections is in the gluteus medius muscle which is located in the upper outer quadrant of the buttock. The iliac crest serves as a landmark for this quadrant. The spot for an injection in an adult is usually to 7 1/2 centimeters (2 to 3 inches) below the iliac crest. The iliac crest is the top of the pelvic girdle on the posterior (back) side. You can find the iliac crest by feeling the uppermost bony area above each gluteal muscle. The upper outer quadrant is chosen because the muscle in this area is quite thick and has few nerves. The probability of injecting the drug into a blood vessel is remote in this area. Injecting here reduces the chance of injury to the sciatic nerve which runs through the lower and middle area of the buttock. It controls the posterior of each thigh and the entire leg from the knee down. If an injection is too close to this nerve or actually hits it, extreme pain and temporary paralysis can be felt in these areas. This is especially undesirable and warrants staying as far away from this area as possible.



Picture of injecting steroids


Pictures Of Injecting Steroids


Injecting Steroids Safely

If the gluteal region cannot be injected for some reason, the second choice would be the lateral portion of the thigh. Usually, intramuscular injections in the thigh are only indicated for infants and children. The vastus lateralis muscle is the only area of the thigh that should be injected intramuscularly. This site is determined by using the knee and the greater trochanter of the femur as landmarks. The greater trochanter is the bony area that you can feel where the femur joins the pelvic girdle. The mid portion of the muscle is located by measuring the handbreadth above the knee and the handbreadth below the greater trochanter. Injecting into the front of the thigh or inside of the thigh is extremely unwise. These areas contain nerves as well as a number of blood vessels.


It is important to choose the proper syringe for the administration of injectable anabolic steroids. The principle components of a syringe include a cylindrical barrel to one end of which a hollow needle is attached, and a close fitting plunger. The most acceptable syringe for injecting anabolic steroids is a 22 gauge 1 1/2" or 23 gauge 1" apparatus with a 3 cc case. This length allows for penetration to reach deep inside the muscle tissue. Shorter needles, 5/8" or 1/2" are usually not sufficient for intramuscular injections and occasionally leave a portion of the Injection in a subcutaneous area which will cause a swell between the skin and muscle as well as impaired absorption. The gauge size of a syringe represents the needle\rquote s diameter. The lower the gauge number, the wider it is. A 27 gauge needle is very thin. An 18 gauge is quite wide; it is often referred to as a cannon. The 22 and 23 gauge needles are not so large that they are difficult to insert, yet are large enough for solutions to easily be propelled through them. The use of insulin needles is not acceptable; they are simply too small. Usually, insulin pins are 25 to 27 gauge and only a 1/2" long with a 1 cc case.


There are a number of steps that should be understood in order to complete a safe and proper intramuscular injection. First off, before handling any needles or vials, the user should take a thorough shower. Next, an alcohol swab should be used to clean the injection site and another alcohol swab should be used to clean the rubber stopper on top of the vial which will be drawn from. Then, take a brand new syringe out of its wrapper, remove its plastic top, draw about 2 ccs of air into it and insert it into the vial. Inject this air into the vial; this creates pressure within the vial and makes it easier to draw out oil based preparations. Then, turn the vial upside-down and slowly draw out the oil until you\rquote ve overdrawn at least 1/4 cc. For example, if someone was going to take a shot of 1 cc, they should pull out approximately 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 ccs of liquid, then tap the side of the case to help get the air bubbles that were drawn into the syringe to come to the top. At that point, the excess 1/4 to 1/2 cc could be injected back into the vial and the needle removed. Then, hold the syringe needle-side-up and continue to tap it to encourage all the air bubbles to come to the top of the syringe. Now, take another clean syringe, remove it from its sterile package and unscrew the needle from the syringe. Exchange the brand new needle for the one that has just been injected into the stopper. By using two needles for every injection, you can take advantage of using the full sharpness of the pin. The needle does suffer some dulling when it is pushed through the firm rubber stopper on a vial. It is important not to touch this needle before the injection. It should not come into contact with a counter top, your fingers, nor should it be cleaned with alcohol. This needle is sterile and should not be touched. At this point, once again swab the injection site with alcohol, then press the stopper of the syringe holding it needle-side-up, until the slight air bubbles that are at the top are pressed out. Once a bead of oil has appeared at the top of the needle, allow it run down the surface of the needle which provides lubrication.

At this time, take the syringe and hold it like a dart. Use the other hand to stretch the skin at the injection site and simply push the sharp clean needle in. After inserting it deep into the muscle, pull back on the stopper for a few seconds to make sure it does not fill up with blood which would indicate that the needle had been injected into a blood vessel. Providing there is no blood present in the syringe, slowly press the stopper down until all the oil is injected. Then, quickly pull the needle out and take another alcohol swab and press firmly on the injection site. This will minimize bleeding, if there is any, and by firmly pressing on the injection site and slightly massaging it, some of the soreness may be eliminated. It is important that the liquid is not injected too quickly as this causes more pain at the site during the injection and in the proceeding days.

After this procedure has been completed, return the plastic caps to shield the needles and make sure they are discarded properly.

To avoid discomfort and excessive scar tissue at the injection site, it is not wise to inject more than 2 ccs of solution per shot. It is also not prudent to use the same injection site more than twice a week (once a week is preferred) .
HGH Human Growth Hormone instructions:

This section explains how to give your self a Growth Hormone (GH) injection. It may seem complicated, but after you've given yourself the first injection, it will get easier.

GH injections can fairly easily be given because GH is injected under the skin (subcutaneously) in the stomach area or leg with an 29 - 30 gauge insulin syringe.. Many patients self-inject many types of drugs subcutaneously. This type of injection is less penetrating than injections that are given directly into a vein or muscle (intravenous or intra muscular injections). You can inject it intramuscular but the absorption rate is not as good as sub-cutaneous injections

How much to inject and how often

The recommended subcutaneous or intramuscular dosage is between 14 to 28 IU per week. The weekly dosage is to be divided into either 3 intramuscular injections (i.e. 3 days each week) or 6 to 7 subcutaneous injections (i.e. an injection every day of between 2 to 4 IU).

What time of day to inject?
In the evening, preferably before bedtime.

How to recombinate the solution
Step 1
Make sure you have a clean the Work Surface

Step 2
Wash your hands with soap and water. If someone else is giving you the injection, he or she should put on a pair of disposable gloves now.

Step 3
Remove the flip tops from a) the drug and b) the sterile water vials

Clean both rubber stoppers on each vial with a fresh alcohol swab.

Do not touch the vial tops with your hands or gloves.

IF YOU TOUCHED THE VIAL TOPS AFTER CLEANING THEM: Simply use a new alcohol swab to wipe off the vial tops that you touched. Then continue with the next step in the instructions.

Step 4
You will only need one syringe, but you will use it twice: to add sterile water to the GH vial and to give yourself the injection.
You have two needles: one long needle (1.5 inch) to add sterile water to the GH vial and withdraw the drug prior to injection, and a shorter needle (1 inch) to give yourself the injection. Hold the needle by its cap and twist tightly into place on the syringe. Keep the needle cap on as you do this.
Step 5
Pull back on the plunger in the syringe until it reaches the 1cc line on the barrel unless your medical provider has designated a different dose.

Hold the syringe in one hand. Use your other hand to pull the needle cap straight off the needle (do not twist the cap as you pull)

If the needle and the syringe come apart and they have not touched anything simply twist them back together again.

If the needle and/or syringe have touched anything, dispose of them in your red safety box. Set the needle cap aside. You will need it again later.

Step 6
Place the vial of sterile water on your clean work surface. >Push the needle straight down through the middle of the rubber stopper on top of the vial.Push on the syringe plunger all the way down; this will push 1cc of air into the vial. You'll feel a little pressure. >While holding the plunger down, pick up the vial and the syringe with your other hand and turn it upside down. Now, slide the needle tip below the level of water in the vial. >Release the plunger. The syringe barrel fills up with water by itself. You can help it along by pulling back on the plunger until it reaches the 1cc mark on the syringe barrel. If air bubbles get in, tap the barrel with your fingertips, then, gently push the plunger in to move the air bubble(s) back into the vial. >When you have 1cc of water in the syringe and it's clear of air bubbles, wiggle the vial off the needle, being careful not to touch the needle tip. Do not put the syringe down. >Throw the empty water vial away in your regular wastebasket.

Now you will mix the sterile water with the drug provided in the GH vial to produce GH. At this point, you should be holding the needle and syringe containing 1cc of sterile water without any air bubbles.

Step 7
Place the vial of GH on your clean surface.
Holding the water-filled syringe by the barrel, push the needle, at a slight angle to the rubber stopper, all the way down into the top of the GH vial. The needle tip should rest against the wall of the vial. Push the syringe plunger gently and slowly to allow the water to flow down the side of the vial. Do not squirt the water onto the pellet. This will make the drug solution foamy and hard to use.

How to inject

Choose a delivery site and clean it with an alcohol wipe. The best sites are those with a layer of fat between the skin and muscle, like the thigh, the back of the upper arm, the abdomen and the rear end. Use a different site every time, and do not deliver GH to an area of the body where the skin is irritated, reddened, or bruised.

Tap the spot chosen for the injection gently with one finger. Carefully clean the area with a cotton wad, which has been soaked in alcohol making a circular movement, moving from the inside of the circle outward.

Subcutaneous injections Stabilize the skin between the thumb and the index finger and raise an ample portion of skin. Holding the needle at a 90-degree angle to the spot chosen for the injection, insert the entire needle into the skin. Slowly inject the liquid. Remove the needle quickly, exerting pressure on the place chosen for the injection with a dry gauze pad or a cotton wad. Rub for several seconds. Destroy the needle or the needle, syringe unit>/br>
Intramuscular injections. With the thumb and first two fingers, press firmly against an ample portion of muscle mass, such as the thigh. Holding the syringe at a 90-degree angle to the spot chosen for the injection, insert the entire needle into the skin. Holding the needle inside the place chosen for injection, slowly pull back the piston. Should blood appear in the syringe, remove the needle, throw out the syringe with the pharmaceutical product and prepare another injection. If blood does not enter the syringe, slowly inject the solution. Pull the needle out quickly, exerting pressure on the place of injection with a dry gauze pad or cotton wad. Rub for several seconds. Destroy the needle or the needle/ syringe unit when finished. If you are in any doubt, consult your doctor

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