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Drop Ship

We can now offer a new 1 week global delivery service on certain brands with our new drop ship partner

This service is fast and reliable and will eliminate customs issues and post office problems. Your packages will now not be opened or inspected before reaching you. It is a bullett proof service.

No more seized packages. No customs tape on the box. Products sent in safe polystyrene holders - 10ml vials, 1ml amps GH bottles, Pills in shrink wrap. No garlic! No herbs bottles. No flat packed pills hidden inside the box.

All orders are sent with waybill and customs declaration that ensure safe passage through customs. Orders are not packaged as steroids. These guys know what they are doing - trust me!

Orders that ship using this service will normally be shipped by safe courier and arrive in around 1 week.

Full tracking details will be sent that show detailed tracking on the courier company web site.

This drop ship service is expert and experienced over 10 years in shipping to USA Canada and Europe and can do Australia s well.

Free re ship cover is offered by adding 10% on top of the total cost. You can opt to pay 10% extra for peace of mind for free ship - insurance not available for Canada and Brazil.

Brands shipped with the drop ship service are;

Alpha-Pharma, British Dispensary (anabol, androlic azolol), LA Pharma, March (Danabol), Meditech, Organon (Sus/Deca Paki amps), Thaiger, Unigen Lifetech Labs and Biolabs.

We will be adding a lot more products from LA Pharma, Thaiger Pharma and Meditech to our sites as a result of this new service. And also adding Lifetech labs soon.

Any brands not handled by the drop ship service will be shipped by ourselves. If non-drop ship products are included in the same order, there will be our usual pack/ship charged levied as well ($55 for regustered airmail. $45 normal airmail).

The pack and ship charge for this service is $70 per 1kg. Most orders wil fit into a 1kg box. One package can contain maximum of 80 ampoules or 16 vials x 10ml or about 2000 tabs. A 2nd package for that order is subject to a 2nd charge of $70.

Packaging of orders by Drop ship company.

All packages use an innovative, variable concealing system. However, each product comes with its identification code and its expiry date

Insurance terms.
In the case of using the insurance for the loss of a parcel, the delivery address used must be complete, detailed and perfectly accurate. The full name used during a delivery warranty must be perfectly accurate and complete. In addition, the full name used in under guaranteed delivery must match the names on the mailbox. If the package is delivered to a different person than indicated on the package retrieves your package (neighbor family or other), the insurance will be cancelled without refund.

In the case of using the insurance for customs seizure, if the address was black-listed the insurance will be cancelled without refund. An address considered as black-listed is a registered address in the basic customs given as an address with at least one package blocked by customs in the 5 years before the order. In the case of a validation of the insurance for a customs seizure, please send us a new address a new name that never has been black-listed.

In the case of using the insurance for breakage, a photo showing breakage during transport has to be taken and forwarded immediately to the customer service upon receiving the package. The customer has 24 hours after receiving the package to send us the photo of the breakage. After this period, the warranty for breakage will be invalid.

The insurance covers the loss of parcel, breakage or seizure of the package, at maximum of 500USD excluding transport and out insurance.

No refund will be performed by the insurance, you are entitled to resend one of your order at maximum of 500USD.

You are entitled to one resending parcel maximum per order, if the package encounters a new problem we may not return a third package under conditions described above.

The insurance covers only the products, in all cases the parcel being resent for loss, breakage or customs seizure, transportation costs are still in charge by the distributor.

If the customer refuses delivery of the package, the insurance will be cancelled without refund.

f the customer is not present at his first delivery, the insurance will be cancelled without refund.

As part of a relay point delivery, it may be that the point relay chosen by the client is closed (Holiday’s shopping, other …). In this case the package will be deposited at the nearest point relay. This information will be indicated in its order tracking. The Internet user has a period of 10 working days of the delivering to point relay to retrieve his package. Beyond this time, it will be considered as improper and the return of the package will be considered as lost, the insurance will be cancelled without refund.

Bitcoin accepted here
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01.Organon Sus 1 x 3 amps
02.Organon Deca 1 x 3 amps
03.10 syringes x 3mm (without needle)
04.10 needles x 22 gauge (without syringe)
05.10 needles x 24 gauge (without syringe)
06.LA Clenbuterol 20mcg
07.Schering Primobolan Depot 1 amp
08.Kamagra 4 tabs
09.Ovinum (Clomid) (Drop Ship can)
10.Kamagra Gel 100mg x 4
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LA TestSus 100
LA TestSus 100
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